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Purchase Options

  • Every Wednesday you may visit the Ho'oulu Community Farmers Market in Kona. It is open from 9AM to 2PM.
  • As a guest in our affordable rental home in Milolii you will see the items being created and see a variety of the art that is available.
  • Send an E-mail request with the item and quantities that interest you. You will pay for only the actual shipping from the Big Island of Hawaii.


Earrings Enlarge Earrings These original designs are one of a kind creations specially handcrafted by Bill. Light and comfortable to wear, the wire highlights the glass beads and shells that make each pair unique. Compliments will abound when you bring home this one of a kind gift from the Big Island.

Enlarge Earrings

Photography and Photo Cards:

Jamie has been producing original photos since she arrived on the Big Island over 20 years ago. Here she has the fortune of capturing lava flows, sea turtles, comets, and other unique attractions. Her pictures have been featured in children books, newspaper articles, and even scientific reports. Frame any of these photos to enjoy for a lifetime. You know if it is signed by "Jamie" that it was created with the finest of care. See Jamie’s Photo Page.
Your photograph options include:
  • 4 x 6 image mounted as a Greeting Card, $1.50 each
  • 8 x 10 image matted and ready to frame, $10.00 each
  • 11 x 14 image matted and ready to frame, $14.00 each


These one of a kind works of art are more than just another fine piece of jewelry. Feel special wearing Hawaiian shells, such as cones or cowries, which are highlighted by glass beads in just the right combination of original and sophisticated. With a wealth of diversity found on the Island you are sure to find a necklace that will match your mood or personality.


Planter A wide variety of planters have been created in a host of sizes. Some have holes where you can drop in your own favorite pot and rotate what plant is adorned with the tile, stone, and shells. Others have a shallow bowl that can accommodate a bonsai tree that has already been cleared by customs to return to the mainland. The top may also feature a mosquito coil or a candle for those evenings when you want to sit out on the lanai.

Turtles, Feet, and Light Catchers:Light Catcher

Hang these creations from any location and your memories of visiting the Hawaii will come back to you again and again. Small enough to carry on the airplane for your return home, the mirror, tile, shell, and stone make each hanging an original piece of Island art.

Mosaics, Stepping Stones, and Wall Hangings:

Enlarge Walkway It takes a fine eye and a steady hand to craft pictures and patterns from a variety of materials. Here in Milolii you will see it done with the traditional pace and beauty that can only be found on the Big Island. Made with a variety of shells, glass, tile, rock, and other local gems, these projects can be rather simple or quite complex as seen in the Tang wall hanging that greats visitors to the Jewel. Collect your own pieces or look through a diverse Tangcollection of items that have already been gathered. Molds have been made that allow for these items to fit into a USPS Priority shipping container, so you can send your masterpiece anywhere without the need to worry about extra cost or damage during your return trip. Around the property you will be delighted to see stepping stones in many shapes and sizes.

Be sure to stay at our vacation rental home.

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