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Off-The-Grid Living
Treading lightly on the ‘aina

The great thing about being off the grid is you can basically live like you normally would while knowing that you are treating the land with the upmost respect. Just leave your hair dryer and television at home and enjoy the carefree experience of being independent and self-sufficient.


Solar Power! Solar collectors are mounted on the top of the home to gather the energy that the sun offers each day. Batteries store all the extra so when you turn on lights and appliances in the evening there is plenty of power available to meet your needs. This 12 volt system sips lightly with the LED and florescent bulbs that are strategically mounted right where needed.


Water Tank Small holding tanks are located under the vacation rental. When it rains, the metal roof delivers the water directly into the tank, and when full, the extra gets held in an additional tank. Although screens are used to filter the water, it is recommended that you drink bottled water from a nearby public source. Solar power is used to power the pumps needed to move water back up to the faucets and toilets. Heating of the water is done by the sun and provides an ample supply for your basic needs. "Gray water" from the showers is used to water plants on the property.

Refrigeration and Cooking:

Solar Oven Each rental has special 12 volt refrigerators to keep your food supplies in top shape. An additional freezer turns on by timer several times each day to keep additional staples close at hand. You may choose to cook by sunlight with the Solar Sun Oven or burn propane gas on an outdoor grill on the lanai.

History of Miloli‘i Area:

Enlarge Rentals Miloli‘i is well known today to be the last surviving native Hawaiian Fishing Village. In 1926 the nearby village of Ho‘opuloa was wiped out entirely by the lava flow of Mauna Loa and was subsequently rebuilt. The narrow six mile roadway from highway 11 to Miloli‘i was first constructed in the early 1960’s in order for film crews to capture scenes for the Elvis Presley movie "Girls, Girls, Girls". Until recently, to build and live off this road each property had to be self sufficient as none of the common ulitities were available. The community grew as the road widened and power poles and phone lines made their way down the hill in 2005. Still known as a tight knit community, the area continues to grow very slowly, keeping the pace and resiliency of the native people close to home.

We welcome you to stay at our vacation rental "The Jewel"

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